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Free, no risk first consulation

Free, no risk first consulation

From business and tax issues and airline transactions to a pilot’s right to fly and an FBO's right to remain open and avoid costly civil penalties and fines, we have the experience and dedication to help you keep flying and to keep your doors open.  Representation begins at the FAA inspector level and continues through the ALJ appeal process, including an appeal to the full NTSB Board as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals if necessary. Whether you are purchasing an aircraft, are an FBO with flight or training operations, or are a pilot trying to obtain or to protect your certificate, you want a law firm that understands the industry.  We are pilots, too.  We understand.


We help pilots and FBOs who are faced with protecting their airmen’s privileges in certificate actions initiated by the FAA.
Our practice areas include:

  • FAA Medical Certification Procedures and Problems
  • FAA DUI and Substance Abuse Medical Certificate Analysis and Defense
  • FAA Enforcement Action, Notice of Proposed Certificate Action (Suspension or Revocation) Defense
  • FAA Emergency Orders of Revocation Defense
  • NTSB Appeal Litigation at all levels
  • Alleged Falsification of Medical Application
  • Certification and Management Assistance for Part 135 Operations
  • Aircraft Sale Agreements and Aircraft Purchase Agreements
  • FAA Airworthiness analysis and defense
  • Airplane and Aircraft Accident Investigation and Litigation
  • Part 117 flight crewmember, duty, and rest regulations consultation and defense
  • Drone Assistance:  We can assist in getting through the legal obstacles in gaining FAA authorization to fly civil anned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or “drones.”
  • Business and Taxation related issued in relation to your airman’s certificate or FBO privileges.
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