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Free, no risk first consulation

Free, no risk first consulation


After you have filed for Bankruptcy, you must again participate in credit counseling.  This second step is a Debtor’s Education Course.  Please contact the same counseling agency within 30 days after you file for Bankruptcy to schedule this meeting.

The agency may charge you for these services.  Both counseling sessions are required in order to successfully file and complete your Bankruptcy.  Certificates will be granted upon completion of each session and required paperwork involved with each session.  Please have the agency FAX or EMAIL a copy of each certificate to this office at the number/address listed below so that the certificate can be filed with the court.  (Sending your credit counseling certificate to WERNER LAW GROUP, by itself, does not establish an attorney-client relationship between you and WERNER LAW GROUP)
(717) 566-7671 (fax)
P.O. Box 4886
​Harrisburg, PA 17111

You are required to speak with a certified credit-counseling agency prior to filing for Bankcruptcy. This is so you are informed on all options available to you regarding your financial situation. Below are a few agencies you are available to use. 

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