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Free, no risk first consulation

Free, no risk first consulation

At WERNER LAW GROUP, we have experience dealing with the IRS and the state tax authorities, in various areas of tax administration and collection.  We understand that you want to operate your business and make money--we are a business too.  We understand that dealing with the threat of an audit, examination, or other investigation is not only daunting but also distracting and time consuming.  We created the tax law practice at WERNER LAW GROUP with these understandings in mind.  The core principle is that individuals and businesses should benefit from the tax code.  Our government should be "for the People" not "against the People".

We routinely represent corporations, partnerships, LLCs, sole proprietors, and individuals that are facing IRS or State income tax, sales tax, levies, liens, or other tax audits, examination, and investigations by the IRS , the state, or others.  We provide counsel to businesses and individuals facing serious tax troubles--we approach each issue with the goal of resolving the tax problem while allowing business doors to remain open.  We relieve you of the burden from so you can enjoy your life.

All-Inclusive Business Tax Representation Including Tax Prep
WERNER LAW GROUP has lawyers with advanced degrees and experience in taxation, allowing us to offer comprehensive services for your business and individual needs.  Because we are also tax preparers ourselves, we thoroughly understand the structure and flow of the tax documents.  We represent business clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Department of Justice (DOJ), the United States Tax Court, the United States Court of Federal Claims, United States District Courts, and state and local taxing authorities in all types of business tax matters.

We have successfully assisted tax payers in the following areas:
 IRS tax examinations, audits, and tax increases and assessments
 IRS tax levies and liens
 Sales Tax audits and appeals
 Property Tax exemptions and appeals
 Disabled Veterans Property Tax exemptions


Tax Law Advice and Defense
IRS, Pa. Dept. of Revenue, Local Taxes, Property Taxes, Sales Tax
Expert and Experienced Business and Individual Tax Representation