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Free, no risk first consulation

Free, no risk first consulation

Have us prepare your return and be prepared for audits and examinations from tax authorities right from the beginning.
Reasonably and Competitively Priced Expert Tax Prep Services.  Accountants know numbers and taxes, but accountants can only do so much.  Attorneys, on the other hand, are legal experts, and the attorneys at WERNER LAW GROUP are tax experts, with advanced education and experience in Taxation law.
Don't let that happen!

Sales Tax Returns and Payment
We are also able to prepare and file your sales and use tax returns, and to transmit the sales tax payment and return, on your behalf.

Why have just anyone prepare your taxes when you could have an experienced, academically qualified tax attorney do it for you? At competitive rates. It doesn't get better than that! Our tax attorneys also serve as Tax Experts for Intuit, the makers of TurboTax®

Ordinary tax preparers (Enrolled Agents and CPAs) do not--and should not--represent you in Tax Court, before the Appeals Board and Board of Finance and Revenue at the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, or in Commonwealth Court and above. Accountants and Enrolled Agents are not supposed to--and cannot represent you--in litigation in court. A WERNER LAW GROUP attorney is admitted to practice before the United States Middle District and Eastern District and the United States Tax Court, in addition to being admitted to practice before the Courts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey and the quasi-judicial bodies in the state and federal governments.

We have seen cases that have escalated from a simple inquiry or audit, that was handled by the accountant or enrolled agent, to the courts, and the attorneys have been unable to obtain a favorable outcome because the case was not handled properly by the accountant or EA from the beginning..